I went to Dr Spillers with what I thought was a pulled muscle in my left shoulder blade. He checked it out and treated it twice with stim and an adjustment. When I felt no relief and asked him to try something else, he said that he suspected a different problem and encouraged me to see my primary physician. I found out I had pericarditis and was referred to a Cardiologist. I told Dr Spillers my diagnosis and he encouraged me to request a referral to Mayo. He said it is not normal for my age. Because of Dr. Spillers persistence in my pursuing the referral I was able to seek help from Mayo. I discovered my diagnosis was partially accurate. It was modified to Recurrent Idiopathic Periccarditis. I was prescribed meds that were expirimental as the others weren't helping and aftera year on those meds had to have a pericardiectomy. After surgery Dr. Spillers helped me be more comfortable due to back pain. All Around my life has improved. I feel like I am my age again! Dr. Spillers is my first stop when I have any discomfort. He and his staff are amazing!


In March 2009 I experienced lower back and hip pain. When I got up each day it was very difficult to put on my shoes and socks and I could barely touch my knees when stretching. When the same lower back problems returned in 2011 I saw Dr. Spillers. Dr. Spillers determined I had an inflamed sacroiliac joint and started a treatment program, which included at home strengthening exercises for me to do in between appointments. After a few short weeks I was free of pain and was able to resume my normal activities.

~ B.M.

I was in pain, my lower back hurt when I bent down or stood up. This was affecting my work and social life as I like to dance. Since seeing Dr. Spillers the pain has gone away and I am able to work without pain. I also do my exercises two times daily which seems to help. The staff at Aspenridge Chiropractic Center are very nice, helpful, & professional. I would recommend them to friends and family.

~ D.T.

I was experiencing disabling & aggravating lower back pain. I wasn't able to stand, walk, get up or down without pain in my lower back. As of now I am certainly in a better place and am feeling more relaxed. My energy and emotional levels are much better and I am looking forward to resuming playing golf. Choosing Dr. Spillers was my good fortune as his gentle & conscientious treatment brought me excellent results.

~ T.P.

Before seeing Dr. Chad I was experiencing many migraine headaches. I also, in between migraine episodes, was having about three tension headaches weekly. One of the worst migraines back in March 2010 landed me in the ER because I was unable to speak clearly and I felt as though I was having a stroke. My migraine headaches and tension headaches have significantly improved since starting my therapy with Dr. Chad. Without dealing with constant headaches I have been able to live life without constant medication. Not having daily/weekly tension headaches has helped me stay better focused at work and I'm not as tired/worn out. Thank you for your commitment to helping me get somewhere and feel better.

~ L.H.

I had a MRI done on my left shoulder because I had about 40% use of it and I was unable to do a lot of things because of constant pain. I was told that I would have to have surgery. I decided to try chiropractic treatments before resorting to surgery. After seeing Dr. Spillers for treatment of my left shoulder all of my pain is gone and I have about 90% use of my shoulder. I have been able to resume chores I was unable to do before chiropractic treatments. Dr. Spillers and all of his staff genuinely care and are concerned about my health and well-being.

~ R.T.

When I came to Aspenridge I had just been in a car accident. My back and neck hurt from the accident. I could not look up and doing most normal tasks hurt. Since going to Aspenridge I am able to look up at the stars again. I can move more easily and do my every day tasks. I am a teacher and I am on my feet for many hours or at my desk correcting papers and making lessons, without Aspenridge Chiropractic, I would have continued to be in pain. I like the personal care at Aspenridge. They care about the whole person, not just the aches and pains.

~ C.S.

I am a Biathlete and Nordic skier who trains year round in preparation for the upcoming racing seasons. My body is subjected to a lot of abuse because of the amount of training I do. When I feel the strain of my workouts threatening to derail my training schedule, I know I can count on Aspenridge Chiropractic to put me back on track. They have taken the time to learn about what I do and how I do it. Through careful examination, gentle adjustments and prescribed therapeutic exercises, they have helped me recover quickly so I can keep myself on target with my goals for the year and the future.

~ R.G.

When I came to Aspenridge I had a hard time walking because my back hurt so bad. After the treatments both Dr. Spillers and myself agreed that I seemed ready to start with physical activity. As I continue with my strengthening exercises for my back, I feel better that I will be able to get back in physical activities again. I felt things were explained thoroughly about my situation, bones, muscles, exercises what treatment would be done and if I should ever need to return. The staff at your office is superb!

~ M.B.

Before starting chiropractic care I had extreme pain while sitting and discomfort while standing. I am 100% improved. All areas of my life are better: sitting, standing, walking, fellowship, energy, job, cooking, cleaning, etc. For those that have never tried chiropractic care, you should. It has given me my life back in just a few weeks of treatments! For me the treatments were virtually painless.

~ A.W.

I had lower back and hip pain. After three treatments, the pain has gone away. I can now do things that I was unable to do before. I would highly recommend Dr. Spillers and his staff.

~ L.G.

I had neck pain that caused frequent headaches. I also had mid-back pain that caused a burning sensation across my back and down my arms. My low back pain went down my left leg. I now have next to no neck pain or headaches. I've had great improvements in my mid-back, my mobility, and no pain in my low back. Every aspect of my personal life, job, and even my energy level has improved greatly. The treatment that I have received here has made living life a lot easier!

~ C.N.

I had pain in my neck and lower back. It was moderate pain but I was learning to live with it. I went to the Cloquet Expo several years ago and met Dr. Chad. I then made an appointment and have been going every since. I now don't have the neck and back pain like I had and continue to feel better. I was not sure how chiropractic care would help as I did not know much about it. After a few sessions, I could already feel a difference in my neck and back. Now I see Dr. Chad every 8-12 weeks to make sure I stay in alignment. I hardly have any pain now. I would recommend Dr. Chad to anyone with any type of pain. I am very happy with my results.

~ S.W.

Before I started chiropractic care, I was suffering from migraines three times per week. Since following the treatment plan Dr. Spillers provided for me, I have a lot more energy and I sleep so much better. I am so thankful my migraines have decreased. I am happy and can smile again.

~ O.B.

I was in extreme pain in my neck and shoulder. I called and they took me in right away. After completing my treatment plan, I have more energy and 100% better. Thank you Dr. Spillers for taking care of me. You have made my life so much better with your treatments.

~ M.M.

I was suffering with a neck sprain and shoulder pain for about 1 year. I would also have migraine headaches. I tried physical therapy, but still had problems with headaches. I was referred to Aspenridge Chiropractic Center by my medical doctor. Since my treatments, I have had decreased amounts of headaches and less neck pain. I have also experienced an increase in the mobility of my neck. Chiropractic is the only treatment that has really helped me feel real relief from pain and has helped me lead a more normal life.

~ E.F.

I hurt my lower back in January and waiting until September to seek treatment. By then, I was in constant pain that was hindering me from my work. With chiropractic care, my lower back pain is completely gone. I was reluctant to seek any treatment for my back, but am so glad I did. It's great to feel good again!

~ R.F.

I was suffering with headaches, back, neck, hip, shoulder and leg pain. With regular adjustments I am 100% better. I have more energy and all aspects of my life have improved. Without the care of Dr. Spillers and his wonderful staff, I may not be here today. Thanks you!!!

~ R.E.

When I stopped into Dr. Chad's office I was having difficulties with my neck. I was unable to lift my head after reading a magazine or newspaper. I was also walking with a cane due to a degenerative spine and arthritis. Since I have been treated by Dr. Chad, my neck is 90% improved and I'm walking without a cane. My husband is happy too! Now I am able to do more for myself and I am cooking meals for him again. I honestly feel Dr. Chad is a lifetime friend, besides being a healer. He has compassion, a good sense of humor, and is knowledgeable. He is trustworthy and honest, as is his staff.

~ P.W.

I am physically a strong person. However, in early November 2004, I began experiencing a mild muscle-like pain in my right upper back that worsened with stress. By December, the pain had greatly intensified. The pain I experience could not be medicated or exercised away. It frightened me. I was constantly guarded and worried. With precision care from Dr. Spillers for about 3 months, I am now pain free! I can move freely, and again feel physically strong and capable. I now know to appreciate my health. The staff are wonderful. They are friendly and engaging. I felt genuinely cared for.


Being active, and with young children, I thought aches and pains were a sign of getting older. Some just would not go away, especially in my neck, shoulder and hip. After an extensive evaluation and recommended treatment plan, I decided to give it a try. I am now able to run more and be more active. The pain is so much better and my range of motion has improved as well. I do not feel like I need to take a nap after exercising. In other words, I don't feel as "old"! With techniques shown to me by Dr. Spillers, I am able to be more alert and comfortable while at work. Thank you! I wish I would have started sooner!!

~ B.P.

I had a hard time sleeping and walking. I made an appointment with Dr. Spillers and he has helped me a lot. Dr. Spillers has helped me to get my life back on track. Life is a lot easier now that I am feeling better. The nice staff makes it easy to come in.

~ C.B.

I came to see Dr. Spiller for a pinched nerve in my neck with sharp pain in my upper back and arm and also numbness in my hand. After a few daily treatments I felt relief and then Dr. Spillers added some neck exercises and I am now pain free. I am back to doing farm work that I was having a very hard time doing before. I've had other chiropractic care that never did as much good for the same conditions as Dr. Spillers has done for me.

~ D.A.

I was suffering with severe, frequent headaches, along with neck and shoulder pain. After following the treatment plan Dr. Spillers recommended for me, my neck pain was greatly reduced and I seldom have any headaches now. I have so much more energy. And because of the decrease in pain, I am now less "cranky". I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone, especially at Aspenridge Chiropractic. I appreciate getting in and out so quickly and the friendly staff.

~ K.Z.

I had severe neck pain and headaches, attributed to arthritis with spurs and hooks. I am retired so I have to perform home chores according to how I feel. The headaches and neck pain would be quite debilitating. After a few sessions, I am much more comfortable. My energy level has improved. The office atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is friendly.

~ H.B.

Before I started chiropractic I was very sore. It was hard to do anything. My condition has improved a lot. The pain is almost gone and I can do a lot more now. I am able to walk without feeling any pain and am looking forward to doing a lot more activities.

~ K.S.

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